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Ordering and Prices

Many more designs are available, or can be made to your specification. Planters are supplied natural-lacquered or finished in a choice of colours.

Use the options below to create a printable order form. Alternatively, call us on one of the numbers on the right to discuss your requirements.

4-pot planter - £18.50 + £4 p+p

Quantity: Finish:

5-pot planter - £22.50 + £4 p+p

Quantity: Finish:

6-pot planter - £27.50 + £5.25 p+p

Quantity: Finish:

7-pot planter - £32.50 + £5.25 p+p

Quantity: Finish:

8-pot planter - £37.50 + £6.50 p+p

Quantity: Finish:

9-pot planter - £42.50 + £6.50 p+p

Quantity: Finish:


"Gardening is medicine that does not need a prescription ... and with no limit on dosage."

- Author unknown

Most horse-shoes used are appropriate for plant-pots measuring 4" or 5" in diameter; larger ones may be used occasionally in order to accommodate a particular design. Please note that due to the natural variation in size and shape of a horse's foot, measurements and shape of shoe may vary slightly.

Although care has been taken to remove nails and sharp edges from the re-claimed shoes, it is possible that some may remain

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