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The life-cycle of your planter begins when a horse is shod and wears his shoes as a protective covering, whether he is ridden in an arena, on the road, in the woods, or merely turned out in the fields in his natural rural surroundings. When the useful life of the shoe comes to an end, it is removed, and re-cycled in our workshop, to produce the beautiful and imaginative planters you see today. The stunning results of this craftsmanship can be seen in the many different designs of planter available, offering you a special link to the natural environment throughout the planting season.

In reclaiming materials in this environmentally-friendly way , we also aspire to preserve something of the natural lifespan of a beautiful living animal, by cherishing the shoes he has used to travel many miles in his work and play, through the seasons of the year. No two shoes are exactly the same, and each shoe encapsulates part of the unique history of an individual horse.

The reclaimed shoes are carefully re-crafted by hand, by means of a special method designed by James Crafts. Using mixed gas, and copper-coated steel wire, the requisite number of shoes are welded together into one of James's unique designs. Once the welding and design process is complete, each planter is treated with anti-oxidant, lacquered, and pre-drilled for easy fitting to your garden-fence or wall.

Transformed into a highly decorative receptacle for nature's seasonal flora, we hope that your planter will be a living and mysterious reminder of the shifting rhythms of the natural environment, as well as an object of beauty in itself.

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"Where flowers bloom so does hope."

- Lady Bird Johnson

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